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Register with RobotClicks today to promote the world’s leading binary option robot brand and earn the highest CPA in the industry. RobotClicks is an old renowned company founded by a group of marketing and software experts. RobotClicks offer great rewards and allows you to earn multiple CPA per customer. Enjoy the extensive reporting tools and prompt payments. Join the buzz!

RobotClicks - Binary Options Robot affiliate Program

Why RobotClicks?

RobotClicks is one of the best affiliate programs for binary options automated trading on the global market.
With RobotClicks partner program, you have a variety of technologically advanced and easy to use reports and marketing tools at your disposal. Being an affiliate has never been so easy!
RobotClicks is offering many different benefits as well as a very lucrative commission model based on a highly competitive CPA with a strong commitment to convert your traffic into profit.
In terms of promoting as an excellent auto trading product, RobotClicks partner program provides you with the best affiliate marketing tools and features available nowadays on the global binary options market.
With multiple CPA per customer and expanded list of useful reports, RobotClicks is the best choice for those looking for respectful partner program with amazing commission model.

RobotClicks Partner Program

Founded by a group of software and marketing specialists, RobotClicks affiliate program promotes leading global binary auto trading software – Binary Options Robot.
To ensure overall partners’ satisfaction, RobotClicks specialists invest a lot of effort to offer reliable technical and affiliate management support if any assistance is needed on a daily basis.
RobotClicks interface is optimized for conversion purposes to ensure our partners achieve high earnings. We at RobotClicks, offer our partners rewarding and multiple CPA deals per customer. You will have a dedicated affiliate manager who will collaborate with you to ensure you get the best possible deal.
This personal partners’ approach, along with excellent software and great commissions, made RobotClicks one of the best binary options affiliate programs on the market.

Binary Options Robot Software

RobotClicks is proud to promote Binary Options Robot, 100% free software for automated binary options trading experience. Binary Options Robot is a leading global brand for binary auto trading that provides traders with great trading opportunities and customization possibilities.
Binary Options Robot has a unique trading platform that allows traders superb trading. Highly customizable features and special control settings provide them with a unique opportunity to trade binary options in a whole new way.
Binary Options Robot requires no download and is excellent auto trading software for both inexperienced and pro traders. This software works with the best reliable binary options brokers in the industry, which shows how Binary Options Robot is safe software to promote binary options auto trading.
Binary Options Robot is recognized as no. 1 choice not only by traders but also by our partners all over the world who enjoy their earnings thanks to our special commission model.

Trader’s Buddy Software

RobotClicks is always looking for new and interesting products to promote, and one of them is also Trader’s Buddy. This advanced and in many ways special trading software gives affiliates a great opportunity to boost their profit. Trader’s Buddy is a traders’ favorite as it combines several popular types of binary options trading on one dashboard for user-friendly approach.

Trader’s Buddy affiliate program offers lucrative CPA’s and a great product to promote. This software supports a great number of countries worldwide, so Trader’s Buddy affiliates can enjoy high conversion rates worldwide.

As always, RobotClicks ensures all tools and materials Trader’s Buddy affiliates might need: you can count on reports, links, media, landing pages and other elements that will be of crucial importance for your success. is a perfect choice for affiliates, no matter where they are!

About Trader’s Buddy is a top-notch trading solution that requires no downloads or payments. The great trading experience is the result of several factors, like two different trading types integrated on the same dashboard. Trader’s Buddy users can easily select social trading or semi-automated binary options trading – all depending on their personal preferences. They can also combine these two types of trading for creating customized trading portfolio.

Traders can also skip all downloads and updates that are usually necessary when it comes to this type of binary options software. Trader’s Buddy is easily accessible from any internet browser and any device that can be connected to the internet. This makes it incredibly convenient as binary trades are in hands reach!

Trader’s Buddy account can be opened free of charged and comes equipped with several amazing tools and features traders can use to maximize their trading opportunities.
Join as a Trader’s Buddy affiliate now, and explore the world of endless opportunities!

RobotClicks Powerful Tools

RobotCliks created an amazing set of tools and features available on a customized platform dedicated to affiliate partners. With a user-friendly interface, our affiliates can easily navigate the website and track their earnings and progress.
We understand how all our affiliate partners long for a simple dashboard that provides a good overview. On RobotClicks dashboard you will find everything you need to achieve efficient performance: reports, links, banner, landing pages as well as all other media formats that might be useful to you.
RobotClicks affiliate program contains all the necessary tools and features necessary for successful performance. And all of them can be used without much hassle.

Reports and Support Service

By entering RobotClicks, our affiliate partners shouldn’t have any difficulties in finding all relevant data. The most important data is listed in RobotClicks Reports where they can follow Sign-ups, FTD’s and clicks, and also filter them by using different criteria. Affiliates can choose what type of RobotClicks affiliate reports they want to create and adjust report to their needs.
This user-friendly approach provides them with more useful data presentation. RobotClicks partner program also ensured that you get a proper assistance whenever you need it.
In the case of any questions, affiliates can contact their dedicated Affiliate Manager directly via email or Skype. They will be happy to help you and provide all necessary information.

High Paying Affiliate Program

Considering all this, it is only natural to sign up with RobotClicks affiliate program. After all, Binary Options Robot, as a 100% free software for binary options trading, is a market leader. RobotClicks is available to affiliates worldwide interested in promoting binary options auto trading. Our high-quality materials will also help you progress and generate more earnings.
RobotClicks offers multiple CPA deals, which is excellent news for all interested partners on the global market.


One of the most popular ways of promoting binary options is affiliate marketing. This new and innovative marketing method is highly rewarding as it is based on a connection between the affiliate and its users. This special relationship increases the client outreach which is the general premise of affiliate programs, such as RobotClicks.
Of course, affiliates always want to deliver only the best and most reliable products to their users. Binary Options Robot, as a prestigious and the most popular binary trading software on the market, is an excellent choice.
We at RobotClicks, highly value all our affiliate partners. We put a lot of effort into helping our partners achieve their profit goals and deliver everything they need to succeed. RobotClicks compensations for every trader who decides to join in our binary trading software, Binary Options Robot, are highly motivating and generous.
RobotClicks is a unique binary options affiliate program with a great commission model, you will find very beneficial in every way. Instead of wasting your time on trying to figure out complicated reports and follow your business, we provide you with an all-in-one solution that is easy to use and leaves no aspect of affiliate marketing left behind.

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Signing up with RobotClicks affiliate program is very easy and can be done in just a few steps.
Once the registration process is done, affiliates get access to RobotClicks platform. With an easy overview of reports, affiliates can keep track of their performance and use a set of marketing tools.
Don’t miss the opportunity to promote the best safe binary options automated software and earn multiple CPAs per customer. Join us now!